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Winter Walk Stroud Preserve
Last Snow of Winter
Autumn Valley
Exton Station Parking
Leaf Rakers
Across the Valley- Straub's Preserve
Summer Shade
Route 162 Marshallton
Spring Morning
Mall Sunset
Snowy Walk
Winter Shade
Memorial Day
Sunset Encounter
Madison Square Park NYC
Wynnewood Station
Bethesda Fountain Autumn
Baldwin's Book Barn 2
April Showers Marshallton
Bradford Plaza at Night
Bright White Fence
Catching the Breeze
Central Park Inspiration
Central Park Regatta
Carriage Ride in Central Park
Earth Bound Bradford Plaza
Downingtown Station
End of Dean Street
Country Road
End of Summer painting
Frosty Everhart Park
Glorious Winter Central Park NYC
Giant Water Tower
Great Valley Flier
Haverford Station Off Peak
Headed to the Picnic
Headed Home Everhart Park
January 10 NYC
Learning to Ride 2
Rendezvous at Dusk
Memorial Day
Penn Tpk Sunset
Punta Cana Beach
Snow Punch
Snowball Fight at Bethesda Fountain
Red Cap Snowy Day
Tulip Parking NYC
Spring Stroll Along Everhart Park
West Chester Slush
Winter Schmutz
Winter Carriage Ride
The Neighbor
Spring Stroll
Snow Punch
April Showers Marshallton 2
Bright White Fence
2015-11-24 22.12.34
Baldwin's Book Barn 2
2015-11-25 17.07.09
2014-12-11 18.53.09
2015-11-22 11.52.48
2014-12-11 19.04.35
2014-01-25 16.13.09
2014-01-25 16.15.43
2014-01-25 12.35.35
Brandywine spring
Snow Punch 5
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